Clinical Research
1-1 Consultancy Program

Guiding you through the regulations and training with support through the process.

Guaranteed Success

Supporting you on
your Clinical Research career.

If you want a career within Clinical Research and are looking for a support program that helps guide you through the regulations and training and supports you through the process, then our support package may be for you.

This is also suitable for anyone new to clinical research who wants to increase their knowledge base with an aim to gaining a job or a promotion within clinical research.

We offer a program to help those wanting to get involved within Clinical research. This course will provide you with access to three of our main courses, 1:1 support and much more.

All of our online training courses are accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile making it easier for you to complete your courses at a time or place you choose.

1-1 Support

Why enrol in
our support program?


The courses have been written and created by industry experts who between them have worked in clinical research for over 28 years.

One of our experts is now an academy lead for a graduate program. She began her career in nursing and understands how hard it can be to move into a research role.

This program has been developed by sharing her insights, knowledge and experience.

1-1 Support

What’s included
in our support program?


30 minute introduction call

A 30 min initial call with an industry expert to find out what your background is and what your aims and goals are.


Included course - Good Clinical Practice

Access to Good Clinical Practice full Transcelerate accredited course – currently £130.80.


Included course - Informed Consent

Access to Informed Consent course – currently £58.80.


Included course - Clinical Research Professionals

Access to Clinical Research Professionals course – currently £349.


Essential Documents PowerPoint

An additional Essential documents PowerPoint with audio – currently £39.99.


CV Review

Our experts will review your CV and help to improve it if needed.


LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Support to optimise your LinkedIn profile or set one up if you don’t yet have one.


3 Support Calls

A further three more calls are offered. These calls can be taken at any time throughout the training. These calls will be to review your progress with the training and answer any questions you may have. 

Guaranteed Success

How do I start
my 1-1 support program?

At the end of this program we’ll keep in touch with all those we have mentored and will also forward any suitable job opportunities. All our courses give you a recognised certificate on completion which you can add to your portfolio and also to take to interviews.

This whole package value is worth over £1200 as you are paying for an industry expert’s time and expertise as well as the recognised courses.

1-1 Support Program

Sign up for our 1-1 support program by using the PayPal button or if you have any more questions please submit an enquiry.

Price: £998 £499
All prices include VAT at 20%

1-1 Support Course