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Making learning fun, enjoyable and accessible to all.

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Making learning fun,
enjoyable and accessible to all.

Training Online 4U uses unique, exciting and interactive e-learning technology for individuals and organisations worldwide. By using this appealing and captivating approach to learning, we are able to engage our learners.

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Our aim is to increase their skills and deepen their knowledge to help advance personal and professional development in a more effective and efficient way.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team has a vast array of expertise in several different areas. We are lucky enough to have a large base of subject matter experts to help us develop our e-learning projects.

Why choose Training Online 4U?

Our aim is to make learning fun and accessible to all. This is why all our courses are user-friendly and easy to work through. We keep learning fun and engaging without losing the serious nature of the subjects by using a wide variety of methods of displaying our information.

You can take our courses in your own time on any device and can pause the course and return at any time.

All our courses are updated regularly to keep up to date with the regulations and guidance changes and written by subject-matter experts working in the field.


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Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Training

This course goes through the whole clinical trial process and also includes aspects of Good Clinical Practice and Good Documentation Practice/Essential Documents.


Clinical Trials Audit Preparation

The course describes what investigational medicinal product sponsors, contract research organisations and clinical investigators can expect when they undergo inspection or audit.


GCP Refresher

This is a professionally developed training course which incorporates the ICH E6 R2 update implemented in June 2017, along with the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation which became live on the 31st January 2022.

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What people are
saying about our courses.

I recommend the online Clinical Research Professionals course to everyone who is thinking of launching their career in clinical research. It is the perfect starting point because it gives you all the necessary basic information presented in a very accessible way, even if you have no preleminary knowledge or are not a native English speaker. The course is well structured and the use of concrete examples makes it easy to grasp the theoretical learning material. In the course you can also find several links to relevant websites which makes it an excellent document to keep for future reference. The user friendly online learning platform completes this pleasant and useful learning experience.

Stefan Smet, Writingale

I just wanted you to know that I thought the GCP course was good. The right level and I liked the fact you could read more if you wanted to e.g. articles.

Fiona Duthie, PhD

I certainly enjoyed using the course and I thought it was easy to use overall. I thought the interactive part of the course and a little tests at the end of each section were especially useful.

Ewelina Testoni, PhD

I found the system easy to use and the navigation through various screens was easy too. Varying the way information was accessed and the way the quizzes were done made it more interesting than if it was all the same throughout.