Good Documentation Practice (GDocP)

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This professionally developed Good Documentation Practice (GDocP) course explores data integrity and document requirements in detail and will show how GDocP can be implemented into a number of roles.

Good Documentation Practice is mandatory to ensure that documentation (and ultimately products) meets industry standards and other legal responsibilities in the pharmaceutical sector.

This is a professionally developed, interactive and engaging online course essential for anyone working in Clinical Research. It is suitable for all levels of experience.


Learning Objectives

  • To understand what GDocP is and why it is important
  • To examine ICH GCP E6 R2 and its requirements in regards to documents, and how to archive documents according to ICH GCP standards
  • To know about different types of documents and data
  • To understand the regulations surrounding electronic signatures
  • To understand the importance of data integrity and ALCOA+ and be able to implement these in your role
  • To understand the role of security and data protection in GDocP


Course Support

When the course module opens in a new window, ensure all ticks down the sidebar of the page appear blue like the image below before closing the window.

The course won't progress to the next module unless all ticks are blue.