Good Laboratory Practices – Top ten common errors made

Aug 27, 2021 | Blog

Working within a laboratory in a Clinical Trial environment is a complex role. One small action can have major impacts on the outcome of an experiment. This blog explores some of the most common ways in which errors to GLP guidance occur.

1. Not evaluating the results blindly As human beings we can’t resist bias, so if we don’t remain blind to the conditions then we can’t be sure our results are accurate.

2. Not calibrating all equipment correctly – By using an uncalibrated machine, the results it gives cannot be relied upon to be completely accurate.

3. Not documented, not done! – By not recording all data at the time it was generated, we risk items being missed or misinterpreted.

4. Not wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) all the time! Laboratory chemicals can be very dangerous, and cross contamination from humans can affect the samples. PPE is required to be worn at all times.

5. Relying on first time measurements – Check, check and check again! Practise the habit of double and triple checking all of your measurements before recording them as accurate.

6. Failing to run a control sample – If experiments are run without a control sample, we cannot rely on the data produced, as the control sample shows if your chemistry worked appropriately.

7. Using abbreviated notes – You may want to revisit your experiment at a later date, an abbreviated note may not give a full explanation which will not allow you to reconstitute the experiment.

8. Inconsistent use of tools or equipment – The exact measurement between two different pieces of equipment can vary and can therefore not always be relied upon.

9. Failure to communicate with those working alongside you – Communication is key to achieving a successful project. An open line of communication is key to success.

10 – Avoiding completion of refresher training – There is a requirement to keep your knowledge and skills in GLP up to date, to ensure that all experiments are conducted safely and responsibly to be in accordance with GLP law.

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