Is there a right way to handle conflict?

Oct 16, 2019 | Blog

With so many personalities, values and opinions all jostling for position, conflict in the workplace is almost inevitable. It’s what we do to minimise that conflict or prevent it from happening in the first place that matters.

Learning how to effectively manage conflict is an essential skill for anyone in a managerial role so that they can prevent it from affecting efficiency and harmony in the workplace.

Our course on Resolving Conflict will help you really understand the causes of conflict, examine different personality types and how theyreact to conflict in addition to learning different strategies for conflict resolution. Knowing your own personality type and understanding how you react to conflict will enable you to better manage situations where conflict arises.

Understanding conflict triggers (the reasons conflict occurs) and learning new processes to manage conflict situations will enable you to more effectively manage or support others in the workplace.

Our interactive online course, Resolving Conflict, guides you to understand, manage and find ways to resolve conflict so you can attain the best outcomes for yourself and your workforce.

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